Speculative Device: Info-Bombs


This piece envisions resistance movement of future information societies under repressive regimes. ANON-NOW is a fictional grassroots movement of the future that aims to promote civil liberties by creating awareness of censorship and surveillance on the Internet. Their tactics include public demonstrations, advocacy, education and civil disobedience. ANON-NOW is most well know for their homemade Info-bombs.


Info-bombs are homemade electronic devices that are placed in inconspicuous locations throughout the city by members of ANON-NOW. Once installed these devices created an anonymous, wireless network connections that allows people liberated, free access to the Internet. Info bombs are considered a threat to national security. Anyone found in possession of these devices is considered a terrorist and punished with the fullest extent of the law.

By allowing the public access to uncensored, unsurveilled network connections ANON-NOW provides the public a window to the world at large.