Interactive Video Tarot Website


FUTURE VISIONS is an interactive video art website by ANGELA GABEREAU and CORAL SHORT. FUTURE VISIONS is a future visioning machine that generate predictions of what the queer future holds. These prophecies take the form of interactive online tarot cards. This website gives each participant a unique vision of our imminent queer future by casting a virtual reading with magical video fortune telling cards. The participants’ mouse movements shuffles the deck. When the have been adequately shuffled, by clicking the mouse – they will draw cards to create a three card spread. As each card is flipped a pre-recorded video of a charismatic queer visionary speaks from that card, revealing predictions of personal and shared futures.

This special deck of video cards includes the work of 104 Visionaries from 7 countries, ranging in age from 17-104. This collection emerged from open calls for submission. And the deck continues to grow, as call for submissions is going.

What are our queer destinies? Let’s delve into the future unknown together!